Girls "Volume 1: Music From The HBO Original Series"

By Jasmine Gow

Released January 8th, 2013 - Warner Music

The soundtrack to Lena Dunham's groundbreaking Girls is great simply because it is such a brilliant companion to the show. The lyrics of the songs are honest and particularly relatable for twenty-something Girls. Its eclecticism almost even matches the quirkiness of the show.

It opens with Robyn's anthem Dancing On My Own, which accompanied one of the show's most memorable sequences. Every time I listen to the song, I see Hannah & Marnie dancing in their apartment. Halfway through the album Icona Pop's smash hit I Love It brings up the tempo again. Fun, whose hit album Some Nights resonated with so many twenty-something's, makes an appearance with Sight Of The Sun. It just missed out on a spot in their album, but finds it's place here, fitting right in with its musings on dreams.

Unfortunately the title track by Santigold is the least enjoyable to listen to, however I guess the whiny style of the vocalist and self-obsessed lyrics serve to represent protagonist Hannah in her worst moments.

Most of the other songs on the album are slower indie tracks that played during the credits of one of the episodes and many of their lyrics match the themes of the episode. As a result of this, the soundtrack itself is a really good reflection of the tone and content of the show's groundbreaking first season. The mood of the album ebbs and flows as the show life does. The songs explore topics like growing up, loneliness, finding yourself, dreams, drugs and dance. And just like the show's episodes, the songs don't sugarcoat any of their themes.

Highlights for me were three songs I remember liking when hearing them in the credits, but clearly not enough to google them. I always like a compilation album that introduces me to new songs I end up loving, this one introduced me to: Overdrawn by White Sea, Same Mistakes by The Echo-Friendly and Love Is Won byLia Ices. Love is Won is well worth a listen, it builds up in a really fantastic way and it's got some great "ooohs" which in my opinion can make any song a winner!

The soundtrack closes with the song that played during the last scene of the season; On Your Way by Michael Penn. It's an optimistic and contemplative finish to a well-rounded soundtrack.

Girls is now one of my favourite shows, but I've got to admit it took a little while to grow on me and the soundtrack was the same. If you enjoyed the show I think you'll enjoy the soundtrack but I recommend listening to the songs on it a few times before you make a judgement.

Track Listing

01 Robyn: Dancing on My Own
02 Fun.: Sight of the Sun
03 Harper Simon: Wishes and Stars
04 Santigold: Girls
05 White Sea: Overdrawn
06 Grouplove: Everyone's Gonna Get High
07 Icona Pop: I Love It
08 The Echo Friendly: Same Mistakes
09 Belle & Sebastian: I Don't Love Anyone
10 Fleet Foxes: Montezuma
11 Oh Land: White Nights
12 The Vaccines: Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
13 Lia Ices: Love Is Won
14 Michael Penn: On Your Way

4 / 5