Cat Power

By Ritzy Sparkles

Artist:  Cat Power

Date / Venue:  Friday 22nd February, Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland

It never quite feels like you are going to rock out at the Bruce Mason, located in Takapuna on Auckland'sNorth Shore. Probably the awesome Summer's day didn't help but as the crowd started to arrive and I spotted a well-placed bFM banner (always a source of comfort) the pre gig happy butterflies started to kick in nicely.

Well we certainly got Cat Power on a good night. I was trying hard to ignore her legendary stage reputation and the lovely gentlemen/fan boy who asked me directions en route to the gig certainly wasn't helping. Apparently he'd seen her 4 times previously and described the performances as ‘hit & miss' at best. However, from the opening vocals on a deconstructed ‘The Greatest', Cat Power's incredibly haunting, smoky voice combined with the brilliant musicianship from her backing band, the signs were there it was going to be a ‘hit' night.

The evening continued with a set that showcased tracks from her latest album Sun as well as her better known earlier work. The two drummer set up not only made me want to take up drumming immediately, but provided a killer sound & rhythm that more than worked with the electronic beats on ‘Silent Machine' among others.

Whilst the audience interaction was minimal throughout the set, it was all the more touching when towards the end, Cat Power hefted a massive bunch of flowers and distributed (fancy speak for hurled) throughout the front of the audience. Then it was over. No encore, nor was it necessary, just Cat and us and a chance to show our appreciation. Thank you Cat Power, thank you for a wonderful evening.