Naughty Boy - Hotel Cabana

By Pauline Hunt

Released August 23rd, 2013 - UMusic

From producing and songwriting for the likes of Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, Tinie Tempah just to name a few, Shahid Khan also known as ‘Naughty Boy' has come out and introduced himself to the world with his debut album ‘Hotel Cabana'. Dropping out from London Guildhall University after only one semester, Khan started working various jobs and it was during this time that he decided to go after his ambition of writing and producing his own music. A 3-year contract with Sony ATVwas rewarded to the aspiring artist after being noticed by music executives.

The debut single from the album is ‘Wonder' which features the talented vocals of Scottish singer-songwriterEmeli Sande. The introduction to this is simple yet effective as it's bound to stay in your head. Emeli's first words begin and she's got you hooked. Smart move for Naughty Boy to release as the debut single, and even though it didn't make it number one, it made you want to know more about the artist behind the song. Another record worth mentioning is his number-one single feat. Sam Smith is ‘La La La'. The second single to be released from his debut album and has also been noted by the Official Charts Company as the fastest selling single in the UK, Czech Republic and Italy. It's catchy, repetitive, and will probably make you want to create your own dancefloor in your room, and if it's that not enough for you to feel the song, the music video might just change your mind.

A bonus track on the album, which was released as a single is ‘Never Be Your Woman' feat. Wiley & Emeli Sande on the chorus. When you listen to the single, you might be able to recognise the sample behind the record, which is White Town's number-one single 'Your Woman', which also features a trumpet line take from'My Woman' by Al Bowlly. Third single to be released from the album is ‘Lifted', again, feat. Emeli Sande. With its high energy and electrifying instrumentation in this record, this is one that I won't get sick of listening to anytime soon. Of course, with the vocals of Ms Sande, it's a surprise that this single didn't get more recognition that it deserves. Critics don't believe that the collaborations between the two will last but if this single & the other singles are anything to go by, they should be proving the critics wrong.

Hotel Cabana introduces the audience to a sound that we all know too well when it comes to music from the UK. Yet at the same time, Naughty Boy adds his own hip hop flavour to it, bringing us a unique noise like no other. Collaborations with artists such as Gabrielle and the ‘coming into her own' Emeli Sande all make excellent choices for his debut album. From the sounds of things, Naughty Boy isn't done yet. Wanting to the show the rest of the world outside the UK that he is more than just a producer, he is also an artist. The records mentioned are only a snippet of what to expect from this album as well as this artist. I'm expecting more to come from the up & coming artist, & that's fine by me.

3.5 / 5