UB40 - Getting Over The Storm

By Jake Ebdale

Released August 30th, 2013 - Universal

UB40 have released a 20th studio album, Getting Over The Storm, and tackle a completely new genre to reggaefy: country. Yep, you heard it boyo. The band, named after an unemployment benefit form, have stretched this cover thing far past it's used by date. Presumably, obtaining the legal rights to the UB40 name was getting over the storm, but this must be the sound of the aftermath: scattered debris and shit all over the floor.

Ali Campbell is (wisely) doing his solo thing, so they've got brother Duncan to sing, who sort of sounds like him, but sort of sounds like a bad John Rowles - who would you rather see and hear live? Ali made UB, wrote a large number of their classic original songs and sung all the tasteful covers. Bloody hell, I really need to hear Geffery Morgan now. Or Signing Off. The band should take that last one literally.

Does it resemble UB40? Check. The horns, the bass, the reggae keys that were dated in 1990 - it's all there. It's not UB40 though, nowhere close. It definitely doesn't justify 13 songs that rehash the same baggariddims of old. Did I mention its UB40 doing country ? I understand the good will inherent in continuing the brand, doing it for the fans. But if they had any sense, this record would be attributed to Duncan and the Reggae Bumpkins instead.

There's no snarl. No pain. Just cheese foam as music. It's not even as good as dad singing ‘Homely Girl' after a four pack of Woodstock. I can't even recommend a song on this - maybe closer ‘I Didn't Know', if it were instrumental. I didn't know how bad this would be, so disappointing from a band I truly love. Where the fuck is Astro in all of this? If this happens again, I'm leaving.

1 / 5