New Order - The Lost Sirens

By Yana Kirakovskaya

Released January 11th, 2013 - Warner Music

Being the body and soul of Joy Division in the past, the music bandNew Order has come back to the line-up with a powerful new eight-track album called 'The Lost Sirens' that will definitely blow each other's mind no matter if you are a young hipster or an old school rock daddy. Each track represents the "chemical" experiment as it mixes up various music "liquids" such as fresh electronic and pop beats accompanied with sad, surf rock or even funky motives. Music chemicals and easy-listening lyrics penetrate deeply in your soul and can't leave indifferent. One song makes you think, another makes you want to put your dancing shoes and going crazy, while the third one somehow gives you belief to the future and exclaims that "Life is beautiful!"

Such a successful mix of genres that the group uses in their songs could be explained by longstanding music influences, periods and times the band came through. We all know that what doesn't kill us make us stronger and by this means New Order has significantly proved this saying. It took a while for them to gain courage and knowledge, expand music outlook and break all the possible boundaries to reach out and release possibly the best, fulfilled album of the lifetime.

I already see how fresh tracks from New Order are played around the globe at hipsters parties or listened carefully by true music lovers who are nostalgic about the past.

4 / 5