Photographer Assignment Request Form

Please use the following form to apply for a photography assignment. Should you have any questions re this form, please contact Megs.

Once photographer has been assigned the name will added to the PHOTOGRAPHER listed in the event info on the Calendar. Megs will reply via email to the ASSIGNED PHOTOGRAPHER ONLY with confirmationShould you not hear back, please check the forementioned event listing.

Should an event already be filled & you would like to be listed as backup, please still submit a request & checkbox YES to be added to backup list.

Events are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Events are assigned to photographers in their own region ahead of out of town photographers.

Please Note; only assignment applications via this form will now be accepted (emails, texts, facebook messages will no longer be accepted at all).

This form is for request to PHOTOGRAPH an event only. Please Click here to request to review an event.

Thankyou so very much for shooting for the Libel team !

Please link to Libel Calendar. If event is not listed please link to external source
Backup Option *
Please let us know if you are available to be a backup, if you are not assigned.
Terms & Usage Agreement *
Photo Rights & Usage of Works - Terms & Conditions. The terms outlined below are in place to ensure that photographer retains their personal copyrights and future control of their own works on completion of an assignment for Libel Music, however terms laid out ensure initial release of said works to the public are of mutual benefit to photographer and Libel Music and no other entity, in a fair manner. Libel Music works hard to initiate, promote to and retain good relationships within the industry to provide these assignment opportunities to photographers, therefore it is now required to agree to the following terms & conditions upon submission of each Photo Assignment Request Application & completion of each assignment (these terms are agreed to by checking a simple checkbox on the assignment request form). Photographer and Libel Music Agrees to the Following Terms: 1. General 1.1. The agreement is between Libel Music and Photographer of event. 1.2. Currently Photographer works in Capacity of Unpaid Contributor. 1.3. Whilst fulfilling an assignment arranged by Libel Music (unless agreed upon by Libel Music and photographer prior to assignment) Photographer is a representative of Libel Music and no other publication or business entity other than their personal business entity. 2. Copyrights - Libel Music does not and will not ever retain copyrights to photographer works, Copyrights remain photographers from now until eternity; however, upon entering into an assignment with Libel Music the following is understood & agreed upon application & acceptance of an assignment: 2.1. Said works are first & foremost for Libel Music’s release on Libel Music’s publication. 2.2. Photographer agrees to future use of said works by ON THE LIBEL MUSIC WEBSITE AND RESPECTIVE COMPANY SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES ONLY in relation to any review, article, news piece, promotion. Any other intended use by Libel Music must be agreed upon and negotiated by Libel Music & Photographer prior to use by Libel Music. 3. Artist / Promoter Event Releases 3.1. In the future and Retrospectively, Photographer will adhere to any additional event releases laid out by Artists photographed / PR Agencies / Promoter at the time of assignment. 3.2. Should photographer not agree with additional event releases, photographer can choose to pass on assignment, however agrees they will ensure they contact photography editor at earliest possible convenience. 3.3. Photographer will send a photo of (signed) additional releases by assigned photographer to Libel Music photography editor for our records (Phone picture, emailed to Photo editor). 3.4. In the event the photographer fails to adhere to additional artist releases, photographer agrees Libel Music is not responsible or liable for photographer actions and is released from any resulting consequences. 4. Publishing of Works 4.1. Prior to Libel Music publication of intended article / review / image gallery etc.…. Photographer will release no more than 3 images on private Websites / Social Media / Blogs etc.... After works have been released by Libel Music Magazine (Usually within 24 hours from time of delivery / upload to Libel Music), Libel Music releases photographer of any restrictions pertaining to image numbers for personal release by photographer. 4.2. In the event Libel Music are asked to share content to PR, Promoters and/or other media outlets, Libel Music will request permission from photographer and expect the same courtesy from photographers in return, Agreement is to be made between Photographer and Libel Music Photography Editor in this instance. 4.3. PRIOR to Libel Music Magazine Release; Photographer agrees that under no circumstances are works to be released to any other publication or entity deemed to be competition (without prior arrangement between Libel Music Photography Editor & photographer). 4.4. Furthermore; following publication on Libel Music Magazine; Libel Music agrees that any works from assignment can freely be released / used by photographer on personal websites / social media / blog / print etc… (unless deemed to be in direct competition to Libel Music or in contradiction of an artist release or to Libel Music. In the event of the prior mentioned competition, please obtain permission from Photography Editor. 5. Archival 5.1. Photographer agrees to Libel Music Archival of images in relation to all appearances in the magazine for prosperity & historical purposes. 6. Photographer 6.1. Photographer agrees to all works remaining online magazine and all uses stipulated above after photographer themselves is no longer contributing to the magazine / company. 6.2. Libel Music will adhere to the terms and conditions signed by photographer at the time of the assignment. 6.3. Libel Music will provide website space for photographer personal self- promotion and portfolio as long as they are a current team member only. Also to Note; o Libel Music will provide notice of new amendments to the above terms and conditions to photographer via email as notification for review as a courtesy. Photographer agrees to read & seek clarification immediately (within 7 days of date sent by Libel Music) in the instance of uncertainty of new amendments made to the terms & conditions. o All assignment requests MUST be applied for / Arranged via the Photography Assignment Application Form and is assigned by Photography Editor. o As a courtesy; Libel Music does ask to please add links to Libel Music when sharing your images on personal pages and personal portfolio.