Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited - Live Photos

A powerhouse guitarist for inarguably one of the most important progressive rock bands ever, Steve Hackett has been a guiding influence for musicians and guitarists for over 40 years.
To the great regret of the band, Genesis never made it to New Zealand, so finally Hackett made it up to fans by bringing some Genesis magic to our shores, playing Auckland’s Town Hall last night on July 28.
In this special one-off show, Hackett performed songs from his forthcoming album, The Night Siren, before whetting the appetite for a grand finale that was promised and DID leave fans ecstatic.
Renowned for his dazzling guitar playing, and also his world class band were more than equal to the task, presenting extraordinarily proficient performances, sensitive to the original recordings yet adding very clear nuances and personality to the music.

What a wonderful evening for those who were there, utter magic, the venue is beautiful, sound fabulous and great lighting!


  1. Every Day
  2. El Niño
  3. In The Skeleton Gallery
  4. Behind The Smoke
  5. Shadow Of The Hierophant
  6. Squonk
  7. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
  8. Fly On A Windshield / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  9. Broadway Melody Of 1974
  10. The Carpet Crawlers
  11. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
  12. Afterglow
  13. Dance On A Volcano
  14. Firth Of Fifth
  15. The Musical Box
  16. Supper’s Ready
  17. Los Endos (encore)

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